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Parsonage-Turner Syndrome (Brachial Neuritis)

Parsonage-Turner Syndrome (Brachial Neuritis)
Parsonage-Turner Syndrome (PTS)—also known as brachial neuritis—is a condition affecting the brachial plexus, or the group of nerves between the cervical spine and the shoulder, down through the arm. Inflammation of these nerves causes severe pain in the shoulder and upper arm.
Symptoms of PTS/brachial neuritis include the following:
  • Pain in the shoulder and upper arm
  • Sharp, radiating pain experienced only on one side of the body
  • Weakening of the muscles in the arm due to severe, long-term pain
  • Partial paralysis or numbness in the arm or shoulder
PTS/brachial neuritis has no known cause, but immunologic, environmental and genetic factors have been associated with the condition. A recent immunization, surgery of the brachial plexus, strenuous exercise, anesthesia or autoimmune disorder are common triggers of PTS.
There are no specific treatments for PTS/brachial neuritis, but treatment is directed toward the specific symptoms of the individual. Medication targeting nerve pain, physical and rehabilitative therapy, hot/cold therapy and surgery are common treatments for the pain associated with PTS. Some cases only affect individuals with a singular episode, while others have reoccurring symptoms.
If you have been diagnosed with Parsonage-Turner Syndrome /Brachial Neuritis due to an immunization, you may be eligible for compensation through the Vaccination Injury Compensation Program. With the help of our vaccination attorneys, your case will be presented to determine if your case meets the medical and legal criteria for compensation. If compensation is awarded, our fees are not taken from your funds, but from a separate account.
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